Mr. And Mrs. N pt. 1

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Author Twerp
Tags author:twerp dda unrated
Created 2006-07-03
Last Modified 2006-07-03
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Description I think some people got confused with wich level was episode 1. Well it was \'the closet\'. I had several complaints with that level that you had to control Mr. to the end... thats fixed now. Anyway here is the story for part 1 of Mr. And Mrs. N.

Honey the closet is locked.

Oh, i forgot the key at the office, let me go get it.

So Mr. Happily goes back to his office and gets the key... but as hes leaving, his old robot enemies from high school gang on on Mr. N. But hes always ready for a challenge. Can Mr. N get back home in time to save Mrs. N?

Mr. And Mrs. N pt. 2

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Mr. and Mrs. N pt.2


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Over all I have to say the map wasn't really good, but I do have to say I liked some of the effects you used at some parts and try making another map like this but a lot longer.