Mr. and Mrs. N pt.2

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Author Twerp
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Created 2006-04-24
Last Modified 2006-07-03
by 12 people.
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Description After Mr. N's encounter with his ''Old friends'', they planned to move underground after they were threatend y the robot force. Mrs. N made it safely, but Mr. N had some unfinished bussiness. Although Mrs. N made it safely, it doesnt mean she will stay safe. Can Mr. N make it to the underground house in time?


Mr. And. Mrs. N pt. 1


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dda #2

glad you liked it :-)


for the link. i gotta fix my comp (notepad is all screwy) before i can look at it. by the way, i also made another dda, if you want to look at it:


thats not a noob questions. Many people ask that. Anyway heres the link to the teleporter tutorial: It has everything :D



hey Twerp

nice map. this is a noob question, but i was wondering, how do you edit launch pads?


Excellent map with close calls. I rated 4.5/5.


was so awesome


im happy :D

It did work.

You have to hold right, hurh durh.
Anyway.. Excellent map. I loved the part where he ran on the thwomp inbetween an assload of other thwomps.
I can only hope to one day emulate the technical greatness achieved in this DDA. Really, great. 5/5 and faved.

it'd be nice

if it worked
Where giving it a 5/5 requires no explanation.... incredible, and faved.