Silver Pillars 3

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Tags author:marijnenandries bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2006-06-25
Last Modified 2006-06-25
by 54 people.
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Description A brand new Silver Pillars; I think its awsome... Very hard, but I'd love to see some speed demo's :)

Good luck (demo included)

This map was featured on 2009-06-08

You may have heard of MARIJNENANDRIES. A short list of things he's known for include: an impossible-to-spell name that probably cost him some comments and ratings, capital letters, and the Silver Pillars series. In my opinion, "MARIJ" is the greatest pure race-maker ever to grace NUMA. There may be some argument about that sentence.

Anyway, Silver Pillars 3 is amazing. MARIJ holds together the chainguns, tiles, one-ways and mines thematically (a quality rarely seen in flow-driven races), and still includes brilliant jumps. Additionally, up to now he has nary a featured map--simply criminal. — flagmyidol

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A terrific race

Fast, smooth and original.
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this was one of the first races i ever played. 5ave


I knew it. I knew it from the moment you said, "I'm going to feature a loopy race."

i knew ska wouldn't like it. i knew it i knew it i knew it.



I seriously didn't liked it...
was ska serious? before? like. the post before his mmmmm MARIJASDGAHAHA post? anyway. 5 wow, like lord said, satisfying.
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God bless



This was in my top ten NUMA maps post. Well worth a review.

I never likes races.
And I don't like this.
But it's only me, probably.
I suck in making races, testing them, finding the flow, playing. So I wouldn't snipe this because I'm a race-noob.

But you have made better races then this.
I like this ( ), for example.
Deserving the feature IMO, lovely concept.


It was cheatable, the machine guns were inconsistent. The loop with the exit switch was annoying, the one way jumping thing is never good and finally the gold was poorly positioned and contributeted to the poor aesthetics. The general flow itself, however, was resourceful and prominent. 3.5 rounded down.

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Love this guy.

This is probably the first map I ever favorited. I still can't beat in one go, however.
But the layout is great. I love the up/down mechanic, it gives a sense of purpose to the loops, which makes them even more fun. Plus I love how fast you can get your ninja going.
It was fun. Something is very satisfying about completing it which most races don't have.



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Beans that was nicely done.

I pronounce it


Great race.
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best race i have ever played
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You gave me RSI

But intended flow

Also on Nreality
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it's dutch ^^

haha yeah

marijn en andries is dutch for marijn and andries : )
is MARIJNENANDRIES dutch? I knew i wasnt teh only one : )
great race 5aved

Pretty fun


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Oh yes

Marijn = a girl's name
Andries = a boy's name
If you might wonder..

If you

abbreviate MARIJNENANDRIES, do it like 'MARIJN', because translated in english MARIJNENANDRIENS means Marijn and Andries. (those are two names, you see.)
Btw, are those two people on the same account?

omg loopy race


still playin it

new faster demo
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Your race maps are just amazing. respect.
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Fastest cheated

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