Cruel Angel Thesis

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Author FI_(FrostyInferno)
Tags author:fi_(frostyinferno) dda unrated
Created 2006-06-24
Last Modified 2006-06-24
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Description Argh.....Two more days....wah....I've recently become addicted to Neon Genesis Evangelion. And they show the next episode monday. far away. To bide my time, I hunted down the theme song, Cruel Angel Thesis. Here it is:

Anyways, i said i was going to make a DDA with freakin insane propulsion speed. And here it is. With almost no gold delay. like 5 gold or something. At one point i am moving so fast i pass through a trap door. It's a bit short, but very awesome. Check it out while you listen to Cruel Angel Thesis. Yayz! Enjoy.

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4, easily! I haven't seen a DDA this good in a while!
But some parts were pretty awesome nonetheless.

By the way,

This song is stuck in my head. Actually, not stuck, LODGED.