Rocket Conundrums

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Author schmidty563
Tags author:schmidty563 rated test
Created 2006-06-06
by 7 people.
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So i was making this level thinking "oh wow this is going to be cool, two rockets taking separate paths chasing N." so im making the level and some reason i made it doing the rockets one by one so that N wuoldnt get blown up by the one i wasnt making the path for. So then i made one path then the next and i was done. i put both rockets in and when i played my demo data, only one rocket fired. and when i play it regularly, the rocket misfires and misses its entry point by about 1cm lol. So if you want to play this u must place the rocket using 1/2 snap in either the bottom left or top left adn then play. Use my demo data if u want because that is what i used to create the paths for the rockets. I wish i could get this to work properly but oh well.

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fixed it. 3.5/5


I changed your map to work with both!


It's cause the rockets fire in order, not at once :(


Too bad you couldn't get them both to work. 4/5

here we are

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