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Author schmidty563
Tags action author:schmidty563 bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-06-05
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description The name of this map was a word that my friend and i made up. We always joked about it and used it randomly all the time. So i wanted to put it into a map. It really has nothing to do with the style of the map but oh well. I really like the tileset to this map. Tha gameplay is average but i still hope you like it. Ratings and especially comments are always welcomed. Enjoy!


The tileset is up for grabs if you wanna use it. Just cite me. Thank you!

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according to Microsoft Word, i think

that word

is like one of the words that sounds like what it means ( i dont know how to spell onomatapia). except this one means what it means. it is a mesmerizationalizing word. 4.5/5


i will be useing this word...
*grabs it*
*runs off*


beat it. very nice map and tileset. please rate and comment my maps cuz i was the first to rate this. 4.5/5

i think

any of those instances work
or how about
"when im done mesmerizationalizing that guy he will totally be out of it"
i dont know though

great tiles

what does it mean?

"Hey, sophie, stop Mesmerizationalizing kyle, he needs to finish his homework."
"he was totally Mesmerizationalizing, man."
"your dog is Mesmerizationalizing on my carpet!"


thank you


that map is tootaly mesmerizationalizing... it's, like, tubular O.o