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Author Rahl
Tags author:rahl dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-21
Last Modified 2004-12-21
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description The idea for this map came from iangb's 3 in 1 ( ), it's really short but I'm still kinda proud of it.

It's three DDAs in one: hold left the whole time, hold right the whole time, or don't hold anything.

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allthough the seperate DDAs all show technical promise, each one was kinda dull. You need something like a laser rone (rocket launchers don't go well with wallsliding that long a distance) allthough something like a rocket on the right half of the map would be good. I did like the re-use of bounce pads though - cool.


Thanks for all the feedback. I always seem to be skimping on the enemies in my DDAs... I'll have to remember that for next time. Banannakid, if you are already holding right when you start the level, it should work every time. If you start the level, then immidiatly press right, you're probably too late. The right way is really picky about that.


I couldn't get the hold-right one to work the first time. It did after that, however.

Anyway, these DDA's are kind of bland.


but what tktktk said, its a bit plain and too short, nice concept though.

Not bad...

But you need a little more action. There's only one enemy in the whole thing.

It's three...

Three... three... Three times the fun! Awesome concept, man. Love it. Very well executed.
Three good DDA's in one map. Good use of the concept.