Plumes of Smoke - Continued

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Tags author:kettering dda rated
Created 2006-05-11
Last Modified 2006-05-12
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Please watch takes but 45 seconds of your time.
Its cool.
Uses REALLY FAST jump pads....not quite teleporters but close.
N hits the tiles at high speeds and causes that little bit of smoke you see when you be HUGE!!!!

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How exactly did you makethose jump pads?!?


@joe_kapaw: not here a lot...
i usually dont look at too many maps.
just submit mine..look at a few of the top rated..then leave.
but from my expirience (spelling?) numa is pretty trashed in the new maps section.
Try bitesized numa...its usually good about providing you with a good map
@ska: no..but to open the page..copy data..paste data..and watch it...maybe about 45 seconds.

Cool. . .

I liked that, it would be nice for an exit and enemies :0


Kettering: you look like a knowledgeable person in the N site for the past fews months; what have I missed? I have left 2 months and i have now returned. Any big maps come out? Or has NUMA gone to the dumps? Are the snipers still here? from the looks of it, the new DDA's out look like crap. Jeez. thanks
am i missing something?


I love it. So much. Perfect build up to the big one.