Publicity Stunt

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Tags author:kettering dda rated
Created 2006-02-28
Last Modified 2006-05-01
by 7 people.
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Description My cool map that uses my thwump propulsion. I hope you like it.
I'm kinda done with this game but whatever. I'll play here and there.

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Yea...there is

you can put it in Debug mode
@RincewindSW: you're combining both what happens in debug mode and whats user levels....when he dies but doesnt he still is there...just try putting a mine in his path....he'll die
Whenever a map kills me like that I survive, but cannot interact with anything. Is there something i can do about that? BTW, I didn't rate it.


It was quite cool, however tension in the next bit was lost because I knew I was already dead, and so even if it looked like I was going close to a mine there was the chance that I was going through it. However, 4.5/5 (Feeling generous :))


Yes, the beginning is very cool:)
too bad you have to go with such a good trick