Leave Pass II

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Author Red_Reamer
Tags action author:red_reamer bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-05-03
by 25 people.
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Description A tileset I created while on holidays, now appearing as a full-fledged map. Thanks to LouDog for helping me get the flow right.

This map was featured on 2009-05-25

Fellow NUMA associates, have you played a map today that’s beautifully crafted with tiles? Have you played one today that incorporates both well placed enemies and gold? Or played one that offers a challenge that's rarely found in maps submitted these days? No?
In this case, we need some Red_Reamer [] today. In Leave Pass II, Red_Reamer has created an audacious landscape that's not for the faint of heart. Tricky jumps, careful maneuvers, and an element of stealth will be needed to successfully complete this map. In the end, Red_Reamer leaves us with a thrilling and memorable map. — T3chno

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I wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't nerverackingly tense, so it was left as something mushy in between. 3/5
And I like the gameplay, really well.

lol K_B


look at demo.
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called for an extremely awkward experience, and that's what I got. The mines were also annoying; is it a mine jumper or an action map?

Also, didn't like the door layout.


are flying through featured maps.
There are too many good maps coming out.


I had played this way back when, seeing as it was in my favorites, but I can't say I remember it.

The outside border is the only thing that I do not like about this map.

maximo has it right

The illusion of a small space is really interesting, because that's what affects the player the most. I think the border of the map also helps to achieve this feeling. Once you get to playing it, you'll realize how open it actually is.

agd attempt

got pretty close, getting past the harder parts...
Demo Data
but the tiles are really well laid out to give you a lot of movement, I mean look at how I get into the exit switch room. You can move through that whole upper area in two jumps (both directions). I think it really shows just how un cramped this map is. It's genious is he made it feel very tight and closed in, when really it's not.


This pales in comparison with some of the other minejumper's I've played in terms of flow and space, but it's definitely well constructed. Reminds me a lot of my really old map Paranoid. Imo, the large clusters of gold didn't go, but w/e. Decent.


Well crafted is the word alright!
Everything was too immobile and it just seemed can't find a word, but it is definitely not very enjoyable to be replaying this several times.
there's too much compactness, and not enough room for free-manouvering...





yeah, this felt good...Had to improvise a lot this run due to slip ups here and there but it worked out.
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I'm fucking magic.

But still uncoordinated.
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really nice one

i like it =D
featurocity, I would be it's own species, fully capabale of reproducing featurettes full of fury and feature.

Good map, I mis obscenely hard well crafted maps


was doing well.
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Really great. You got the feel and general spacing just right. Nice to see you on form.

Top Quality

Enjoyable, diffult, and addictive...i like it. 4.5/5