Chutes too narrow

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Author Red_Reamer
Tags author:red_reamer bitesized featured rated test
Created 2005-12-23
by 19 people.
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Description This is a new one for me. I've done three things I wouldn't normally do: I've used someone else's tileset (inverted though), named a map after a song/album (by The Shins), and made a mine jumper. So for that reason, I don't want much credit for this map (hence the test level). Think of it as more of a gift (or a burning paper bag on a doorstep if you don't like it)to the community. I tried to make a mine jumper that would appeal to me. It looks good (due to the awesome tileset), and hard, and yet is only mildly challenging. It doesn't frustrate to the point of hair shredding. Hopefully, it's fun though. Speed and gold collection make the challenge, rather than obscenely difficult manuevers (and creating mine jumpers was never really my thing). Catch my drift? Maybe it'll flop, but it appeals to me, which was really the aim (and it utilizes an awesome tileset). Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2013-06-03

Chute too narrow; I got stuck
I screamed out loud; what the heck
It was too tight; couldn’t fit
Thought to myself; holy balls
Since I was stuck, took a nap
Woke up screaming, holy cow
Flames were blazing right in front
Needed to put out that spark
Fought the flames with much vigor
Had to win, put out that fire
After I won, it was late
I just had to, masticate
Got some chow and chewed like man
Chute still narrow, oh gosh rats
Squeezed myself out; fell to ditch
Sarah and Dick? What a

100 word limit sorry.

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Nice feature

clever concept with the tile inversion.

This was also bitesized. Cool.

You're not the only one, seneschal.


that guy's username was poo_poo_head

I know it's childish, but I laughed
yer i didnt like the level to much but the shins are awsum...........good on ya mate!!!

Yes Dammit!

Credit for the tileset goes to Formica (sorry).

Does this

have anything to do w/formica's level?

Last jump...

I've done it before, but I hesitated...
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I got both switches...I like this map, even if it does frustrate me lol. 4.5 + fave.
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