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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped difficult drones experimental playable rated survival
Created 2006-04-30
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description My first whack at a survival and it includes keeping pace so you can make it past the drones. Too fast or too slow and youl be toast. The door it the finish line, how many laps can you make. Rates, comments and demos please.

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if you go too fast it goes all fuzzy
Demo Data
*it not i


It stops working after the 1st lap. I think I did i perfectly. See demo
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I managed to do 1 lap. Good map. 4.5
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1 Lap

Haha, I sorta cheated too in the end.
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I loved this map. I've never seen anything like it. I'll show you a demo when I'm done.


i think i outdid the drones pace...

*see demo*
Demo Data

it's ok

but not the best map i've ever seen.....3.5/5