Life in the Fast Lane

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped difficult playable race rated
Created 2006-04-27
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 31 people.
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Description Give Korbachev all the credit on this one. I got this idea from him. This map is fast and fun. You dont have to jump at the end of each run. Rates, comments, and demos.

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i bet you didnt even know this was a song by the Eagles...tisk tisk


i like that map but the first part to get in there is a bit difficult with the mine ^^ but i like it!
its realy good 4.5/5


i like that map but the first part to get in there is a bit difficult with the mine ^^ but i like it!
its realy good 4.5/5

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but nothing beats the original 4.5/5

Love it

Demo Data

About the 50 frames

40 is enough.
Demo Data


up to 4.5/5, after my 4.5/5 rating submission


the first part could be better...but it is a fantastic map!


4.5 and fav'd
so original


my map that you inspired


on the very first recorded completion jling....


this is the first time this has happened, ty....


And now it's the #1 map on NUMA! Fantastic job rocket_thumped!

i like it

5/5 although it's kinda easy
Demo Data


yeah great level, you've inspired me to make a race like this. 5/5


i know what you mean.....

i love this level

but that first mine you hit is SO F***ING ANOYING! good map though! 4.5/5


cool, i love coments and demos. rates are awesome too....


ya know what?

i have no clue how i screwed that up...i did it right the first time around...

so...20 frames short...maybe...but this will definately fix any flow problems people are having...sorry for so many posts...but this was fun!
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I KEEP JUMPING ATT HE WRONG TIMES!!! i got stuck this time...thats annoying...but i still liike...and i obviously decided to submit a completion...
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my lats demo...i made the mistaek of jumping at the end...its about 50 frames from completion...

great level, 4.5
Demo Data

pretty hard ..

could you post a demo to see how the level flows completely coz i just suck at this .. then i'll just C&R on that

that annoyed me ...

because in certain parts you had to run/jump straight through a rocket and had like no chance of living.


of all things to be killed by...
Demo Data

o yeah

go to the left at first