A Killer Time

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Author Ben_Schultz_11
Tags author:ben_schultz_11 test unrated
Created 2006-04-07
Last Modified 2006-04-18
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A dedication to killerman for providing us with some awesome DDA's and maps over a long while. Thanks. Watch_My_Demo @ bottom please! I think the bounce blocks work well and hold the flow. See what you think.. Worthy of Submission? Catchya.

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demo broke. that's strange. It can't let me edit due to being an old map.

1111 frames

and a new PB
Demo Data

Thank Soph

I appreciate your support.
and I'm not saying nevermore is the coward the person who rated 0 on all of BS11 and silentdemons maps. I suspect it was an author who was just below the two since they were together. Arachnid isn't stupid you know! I hope the person who sniped BS11 maps get caught. It just isn't fair..
because it is constructive criticism, But downright sniping from that coward on every single map rated 4.5 or higher is just disgraceful and they ought to be banned.

Very Fun

I was able to beat it..


This happens every time for me. That's a sign of bad enemy placement - it takes a lucky fluke to get by the chaingun.
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wow, how do you get the timing of that thwump!? trial and error 5/5


great map


Really well designed, smooth play and FUN!

5/5 from me.

PS. I didn't look at your demo till i finished it myself...
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a breast of fresh air, just kiddin. Good map break from the usual. 4.5/5

All gold demo.

let's get the ball rolling.
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