Quiet Exit

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Author Ben_Schultz_11
Tags author:ben_schultz_11 playable race unrated
Created 2006-03-10
Last Modified 2006-03-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description This Map is dedicated to SilentDemon for his excellent all gold run on the maps: 'Twicky' and 'Fluffy'. Try to get all the gold, (My demo @ bottom). This is my final map for quite some time and will be spending holidays surfing and chilling out in my holiday house. I hope you have enjoyed my maps, Ben.

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under my old account :P
Demo Data
but the idea is to get all the gold as quickly as possible.


Beginning is hard with the timing with the thwump, and it's totally cheatable (see my demo). 3.5/5
Demo Data


bounce-block at the top right hand corner is unnecesary and breaks the flow a bit, but other than that tis fantastic.

I dunno

i think the thwump at the beginning breaks the flow for me two out of three times, and theres too much wandering and wondering for a 4.5

nice map.

lots of close calls.

I did get lost, but that may be just me.
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Have fun!

Surfing, all that.

LOL thxs

but wasn't it the map Twicky cus i already got one ded on for Fluffy, might need to fix it =), but 5/5 anyway

All Gold Demo..

It can definitely be improved.
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