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Author genetic
Tags author:genetic playable race rated
Created 2006-04-01
by 10 people.
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Description According to the rating, I would say that my last map was bordering on 'okay' and probably 'disastrous'.
This. My new map. Not so hard. More space to move. Generally better I hope. Some of those turrets still don't work, but I decided to keep them because when they are deleted, half the other enemies work faster and kill you. Some things I did that screwed up the flow a really tiny bit, but they stop you from dying too.
If anyone meets Monkey of Doom, tell him he owes me $2.80.

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First of all, genetic, I love all the scarab maps,(except maybe number 9). Now to the point of lag as brought up by korbachev, the best of genetic's scarab maps use lag. He utilizes the fact that a tiny bit of lag reduces the reaction time of enemies, allowing you to go past them and through them just before they fire. On my computer, and genetic's I am guessing, there is little amount of visible lag. The only lag is with the enemies.
To the remark that some enemies don't even fire, so they should not be there, it again comes to the point of lag. Without a certain amount of enemies, some rockets would fire too early or too late, killing you. Genetic places just enough enemies to slow down the reaction of enemies that would otherwise kill you
All in all, I thought that this was a very entertaining map and vote 4.5


What? For you plugging in my power cord 13 times? And a sausage? Yes i'll pay you for the sausage but NOT THE REST!

yes i agree, don't use so many enemies. They cause lag and are generally useless. If you want lots of enemies in races, thwumps are your best bet.


Well it's good and all, but here's some critisizm.

Don't use so many enemies. Most of them pose no threat. Actually, some of them don't even do anything. You should put them in places where they 'cause really close calls, yet they don't actually hit him. Like, most chaingun things either do a)nothing or b)kill you half the time, even if you did something right.

So try to limit your enemies, and put them in places where it counts. Think of races as DDAs. Seriously. They should act like them, only you have to make it perfect. I'm betting that every demo on this is around the same. Only slightly faster or slower. That's the beauty of races. They're most of the time, so linear and DDAlike, that the only thing left to do is give them close calls.

Another thing is that you shouldn't use too many items like that. 1 ways should be used sparingly. The bottom leftish part uses so many 1 ways that if you make it more open or something, you could avoid that.

Hope you listen to my advice. While your races are pretty flowy, they're not polished.
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i think

the solution would be to jump OVER that rocket you all seem to be dying on. the reason you die on that rocket is because you just run over the edge, which is something you can only do and survive at the beginning.
jump, the magic word, jump...


Here's something what can happen with my luck. :P lol
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yeah, sorry about that...

oh noes!

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i messed up a bit but, here it is
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the demo

yes, I screw up at one stage, but at least I don't die...
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