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Author genetic
Tags author:genetic playable race rated
Created 2006-03-15
by 13 people.
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Description Right. Much better than my last, especially considering this more in my style (congested and confusing paths, loads of objects) and of course, much longer. But then again, yes, some those accursed turrets don't work and some of the jumps are difficult to make, but I tried my best to make them easier to make short of scrapping the whole jump altogether. Yes, confusing at first sight. Very confusing. Maybe even confusing at second sight. But once you start playing, it should be pretty straight forward and if not, watch the demo I provide. Take liberty at heart and enjoy this map.

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took me a long long time but I enjoyed every wicked second ;)
the demo isn't that fast and at some parts I got stuck but I am happy that I beat it at last.
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I think that after the very poor beginning, it turns out alright.


Feels like a poorly made Final Destination level.


almost no flow, confusing, and too many enemies. 3/5


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