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Author ZZ9
Tags author:zz9 n-art nodemos unrated
Created 2006-03-24
Last Modified 2007-07-09
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Description If you're a mathematician. That's probably the rating this will get. Loading it causes weird things with the drones.

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"If your a mathematician." Should be you're.

And yes, when you try to do something advanced like this and then make an easy mistake in the description of it, I'm gonna be a grammar nazi.


i will rate it an imaginary number i guess you get a one...with an imaginary...something...attached...
(this isnt calculus either people, its algebra 2 stuff)


im good at math but im ignorant and uneducated in calculus and most advanced stuff. i know what most of this stuff means but i dont see a use for this equation. or you could have a rating with the squareroot of -1 in it.
Try googling it.



No idea. think i have to spend more time on looking in my maths book ;)


Doesn't it?
but, anyway, this doesn't belong round here.