Blue Krusch

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Author ultima888
Tags action author:ultima888 playable rated
Created 2006-03-20
Last Modified 2006-03-21
by 7 people.
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Description Hmmm, I think this is my best map yet, I actually had a fun time trying to get a demo (included).

I have decided to offer a dedication to the fastest completion of this map. Or, if you can get all gold (if many people do it then the fastest one of that as well).
Dedline in three Days

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The only reason I'm not posting a demo is because I missed the deadline. :D


i think ultima isn't coming back...
and the deadline was up...but nice demo...


this was luck =P
Demo Data
2 days here's my demo...
Demo Data
not posting a demo yet though


srry it's not


abit faster
Demo Data


I know the faster way, I just found it to be a lot harder so I didn't do it, I will add a dedline though.


Demo Data

yea yea...

im a stingy bastard
whens the deadline??? because i have a faster demo and i dont want to submit it....then everyone will learn how i done could you post a deadline for the demos!! please
it really helped!!!
Demo Data

little faster

Demo Data


this is very hard. took me about 20 tries to do this
Demo Data


Not all gold
Demo Data