The Book of Job

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Author ChurchFire
Tags author:churchfire dda rated
Created 2006-03-09
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description hey yo
i forgot a tileset again, because i keep wanting to make a full screener, but never can get around to it
so heres a confined
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Not only to counter the other ratings, but I sincerely believe this map is better than a 2. Nice seeing you again


5/5, to counter the other poorer ratings, if that's legal.

ChurchFire, don't call people idiots, or your maps may suddenly drop in rating.

I liked it

up until the part in the bottom right, where you put 62 pieces of gold on top of the launch pad. Normally, gold delay doesn't bother me, but that's just too much. Other than that, it was a good DDA.


thats a pretty wasted bias
putting a tileset in after the fact is pretty close to retarded - rockets cant get through, and the timing is all messed up from the changed frames.
Please stop being so stupid and leave my maps alone.

No tileset??

I think that filling in the unused portions with normal tiles instead of enclosing the area with one-way doors would be much more elegant. Maybe you could center the whole thing too. The DDA itself was nice and used different propulsion methods, but the lack of a tileset kinda biased me.