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Tags action author:wcheeseface3 bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-02-04
by 77 people.
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Description Woagh, is this one a monster. This was originally going to be submitted to the tileset madness competition (and still might be) but I thought it would make the perfect minefield. It's a pretty crazy map, even by my standards, but this is the most lurvely one aesthetics-wise. I tried to make the difficulty level decrease as the level went on to reduce frustration, but there were some insane jumps I simply couldn't resist forcing you to make. It is COMPLETELY possible, and I have tested it, so don't complain. Anyways, this has taken me ages and I believe it's one of my best maps so far, so please play/review/rate.

This map was featured on 2009-04-01

Though you are not at the mercy of the gods (unless WCHEESEFACE3 is a god), Maelstrom does have a mythical appearance and feeling (as well as legendary gameplay) to it. If you thought getting out of the center of a giant whirlpool was hard well... you are probably right. But that doesn't mean this map isn't difficult. Tricky jumps and well placed mines are in, and around every swirling tile comes another challenge that flows from one to the next.
Good luck, I hope to see you on shore. — origami_alligator

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down for anyone else?

Seems Hard

and a great difficulty. high 4
Demo Data


not as fast as xaelar
but still an AGD
and still an awesome minejumper
Demo Data


You 4aved this twice ;_;

A good 6 months apart

This map

is too awesome to be featured. It should be featured again.
I can't say a lot about minedodgers,you know,because it's only tricky jumps and some dodging skills but there are some minedodgers that gives an incredible gameplay,with a different tileset,and by this map "WCHEESEFACE3" greatly managed to balance these two.Legendary gameplay,which needs a different concept,which you have exactly done,and did something that can't be found in most of the minedodgers.I can say that this map greatly shows us that how can somebody create a great tileset,and by nice enemy placement,you can create a different concept,which involves an incredible gameplay which I see exactly here.(hmmm...that's too rewiev-ish...)


whats the point of the one-way (at the bottom of the last round, right of the switch)?

A solid

4 from me, nice tiles of course.




what does whaleshow have to do with this?
Very well-made mine-jumper.
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im with ganigator.

great variety, i like.
Demo Data


more pubis.

this is fun. i like jinemumpers
Demo Data

Sorry, but

it needs more PUBIS!
And or Harry Potter...

4/5 however.


I thought the map was good, not completely spectacular.

Curse you, whaleshow!

Nice map!

So is difficult for me and longer, 4/5

¡You dedication times for your life in this map, so is cool!


it works fine now, so never mind.


just you or a minority. Copy the level data and then paste the demo data after the # at the end.


I don't like minejumpers that much, so I was never going to enjoy this much. I don't like the mines in the tiles.
However, the tileset is great and most of the mine placement is good too. The gold was also pretty nice.
And is it just me who can't get any of the demos to work?


map is legendary to me :D


This really looks like you put a lot of effort into it. 5


A good map. Nice design. 4

Nice one

It's kinda like a mix between that Riobe map and that Yahoozy map I featured, so win win :)
...but there was no zing factor, just a myriad of random mines on a swirly tileset, not particularly memorable for me unfortunately...

I think

you defined "minejumper" for me.


9 second...

Demo Data


Demo Data

just right!

the difficulty is perfect. Very hard, but clearly possible.

incedently, i made this map, the laser eye of the storm, , which I realize is quite similar to your map, plus a laser, and If you would like, I'll link it back to this and add something to the description. Just post on the link if you would.


Looks like a fingerprint or something


long comment:

love it...5/5!
Then it's no coincidence that I don't care for MTI's insane length either, right?


took me ages.. about 45 minutes, i needed to think up a strategy. Holy smolies, this must have took you a century to make!! Incredible it deserves awesomeness... (awesomeness is not a word) Very good i love it, it is on my favs instantly 5/5.
(Note: I'm currently working on my new map)

I give up

and all I did is look at a picture of the map... you win

Deja vu

I remember making a map like this (a lot less organized than this) a long time ago. It was an experiment to see how much repetition people could take if it was really challenging.