castle lumbar

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags author:mahi_mahi mahi rahi rated rf-collab
Created 2022-11-26
Last Modified 2022-11-26
by 6 people.
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Description radium + mahi cabin collab 2022, attempt #2 after abnormally speed bug (RIP)
shook off the v1.4 rust, now back to the shelf for another year

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My old man hands cannot handle N in 2022.

Jokes aside, this map looks sliiiiiick. Love the gold placement, love the two lasers. I rather enjoy the little Metanesque part on the right, with the guass turret.

Bless up Mahi Mahi. I love you and I love this community still.
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nice map

big ups radium big ups mahi


amazing work, enjoyed how each enemy was used in multiple ways throughout the level, especially that seeker. bonus points for allowing opportunities for laser staggering, very fun.
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Great to see radium and mahi mapping in 2022!
This is a fun map, nice difficulty level for rusty folks.
This demo is my first completion. It's not great but there's a moment where I got stupid lucky and I realized I had to finish the run, gold be damned. Thanks for a fun time y'all.
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fun, beautiful structure
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