megalith agnus dei

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags author:mahi_mahi mahi-best rated
Created 2019-11-06
Last Modified 2019-11-08
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description if we save a dying world from annihilation
will they care about us again?

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quite a neat map

I love the locked door switch! But I didn't like the bottom right room. I wanted to do something tricky with the floorguard.
Rocket chamber is all right, gold is very pretty.
AGD - 5
Demo Data

pretty tileset

really like the pacing and density of difficulty in this map
but overall good adventure. I even got to the end of it/
Demo Data
I love the gold too, really well placed.

incredible gold

one-ways were kinda baffling, structure was really neat but the jumps determined by the mine placement felt more cumbersome than challenging.