floorfux horcrux

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Author ska
Tags author:ska challenge floorguard hard simple speedrun unrated
Created 2022-03-28
Last Modified 2022-03-30
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Description It has been more than a year since I've posted anything hereā€”so long, in fact, that I forgot how to submit a map for a couple of minutes. Anyway, here's a miniaturised version of a scrapped map I made back in 2009. By some miracle I've been able to keep these maps intact all these years. Just imagine if I had an old bitcoin wallet preserved this long!

Anyway, this map is deceptively simple but a real son of a bitch. Good luck speedrunning it lol.

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i can barely do it

love floorguard contraptions tho <3
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I'm just happy I could even complete it xD
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Anyway, here's one of the methods (the fastest one, I'd wager). It's a very clean run, imo.
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