mr. blue sky

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue rated tileset
Created 2020-07-03
Last Modified 2020-07-03
by 6 people.
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Description and since I am somewhat back, here's a tileset. enjoy.

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Hey man!

Good to see you around.

sounds good

do you have discord btw?


hey origami
hey hyteriux, uni and stuff, y'know
hey van, a collab sounds cool. I'll see if I can whip some tiles up for it
very *chef kiss*

wow wow wow

do my ocular globes deceive me???
is it really...DEEP BLUE?!

nice to see you around dude, we should collab some time if you're down

oh hi

nice to see you
I’ve missed you
(This is beautiful)



(so long)

Please tell us why

You had to hide away for so long