47-3 Spice Cart City

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Author Vanquish
Tags 47-3 author:vanquish cryptic freedom observeclue series unrated
Created 2020-06-19
Last Modified 2020-06-19
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The Cryptic Column [] Go here for some info on the column and see what it's about.

spice. spice. spice.

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hey man

really sorry for going dead for a month a half
I had a nasty illness almost right after I came back here, and I barely felt human all this time
I have made some tiles for the collab, and I had someone by the name softpepsi add me on discord, was that you?


yeah,though I barely ever use it, I do have discord:



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really loved finding the best path through those drones

really really love the tiles
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I’d love to collab just hmu on discord!


Beautiful map. Great Atmospherer
Demo Data


those are some sexy tiles, can't wait to play this


those are some sexy tiles, can't wait to play this