46-3 Whistle [feat. Tempus_Fugit]

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Author Vanquish
Tags author:vanquish collab cryptic freedom tempusfugit titleclue unrated
Created 2019-04-29
Last Modified 2019-04-29
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The Cryptic Column []

Just a nice little collab with the always lovely Tempus_Fugit.

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Fun map

And I really liked the laser, it went really well with thwumps and all that open area.

bit speedier AGD

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Cool map!

The laser didn't feel like a perfect fit - a little annoying when it triggers on as you fly up in the air and block all opportunities for safety on the fall - but I liked it in terms of the atmosphere of the map.
The thwump/one-way combo's really cool. There's a bunch of flexibility in how you can engage with them, jumping off rising thwump into walljump off one-way feels great.
Tilesets's v cool, and is well matched by objects.
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how did you know??!!
the words "Tempus_Fugit" refer to Tempus_Fugit, ie, me; the secret to this level must be hidden in my demo!
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