46-1 Tales From (Unfinished) Mountain

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Author Vanquish
Tags 46-1 author:vanquish cryptic freedom observeclue series unrated
Created 2019-04-27
Last Modified 2019-04-27
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The Cryptic Column []

So lets all pretend I never said I was gonna finish this column last year.

I've had these tiles for like 5 years and have tried to make this map like 50 times. Let's hope it was worth it.

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well, shot
weird map! haven't made up my mind on it, yet. i must say that these two recent maps haven't really felt like your maps, that is, harder, slower, more awkward than i would usually expect....
Demo Data

man i'll be honest

I've missed you and your maps! thanks for coming back!

I think ima have agree with southpaw on this one, it was super awkward trying to get all the gold while also dealing with the laser drone, I definitely think it was the wrong enemy to use but these were undeniably some fantastic tiles and it had a wonderful atmosphere so good on you for that! Welcome back!
The lower right feels like that should have been an enemy other than a laser. Sometimes I'd get trapped in the very lower-right chamber and had nothing to do. The gold was a little bit too spread out for that kind of enemy interaction. Wasn't quite sure where to find the flow of that section as well. Thinking if it had a bit more flow, the beginning could have worked much like a race map, with action taking up the rest of the map on the outside.

The tiles are beautiful though.