long time no see

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Author BloodyMoonLike
Tags action author:bloodymoonlike open unrated
Created 2017-09-03
Last Modified 2017-09-03
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Description Wow, hey folks.

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I would love to do another collab. Didn't make one in years. :)

A Sloppy AGD

From me. A bit rusty from not playing in over 5 months. Can definitely be cleaned up
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The Rocket

wasnt too annoying. Still making a worthy run
I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the criticism.

Yeah, the three pieces in the outer corners were placed spontaneously to not keep the map so empty - nonetheless it is.
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I agree with lsudny.
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cool structure

but I'd rather the rocket and gauss have their respective areas. the rocket was too nosey, getting to the gauss area and complicating things way too often. if it weren't for that, the gauss area is really fun, some great jumps there. also, I didn't like the trip all the way around the corners of the map just for three pieces of gold - I'd suggest opening up the gauss room walls and making it more nonlinear. nevertheless, this was quite fun, the tiles looked nice and were fun to jump on
enjoy your stay here :3