The Attic

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Author BloodyMoonLike
Tags author:bloodymoonlike fun playable unrated
Created 2013-09-23
Last Modified 2013-09-23
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Don't be too greedy. Engel der Verdammten [Angel of the Damned] Ignore. it would be fun, they said. Permission ..not ur day?


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thats great!

I always liked your maps a lot, it's really nice to see you back. Looking forward to some new maps!
I just randomly logged in a few days ago and been on here all the time since then, haha. Kind of renewed my interest in mapping/playing, even though there's few familiar faces around here
glad to see you hanging around, though!
First was arachnid not caring and leaving us to die, then it was the fact that N didn't have the same pull it did in the early 2000's, then it was that M&R gave up on the community, and now it's just that M&R have moved on and don't care about the old community. Or, that's how it looks anyways. I would love for them to give us a shout-out on their blog and tell people to visit the site for some vintage (lol) 1.4 maps, but I doubt they really think about it much.

It is

We are dead, rest in piece

aw yeah, sure!

I'll just get my trebuchet from the shed

i am glad 2

now come back make maps ok ty <3


so glad to hear that! :3

I second

the guy below me

did u die

pls come back


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