My Story of the Tar Pit

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Author DaggaFork
Tags action author:daggafork minejumper pit playable rated tar
Created 2015-07-27
Last Modified 2015-07-27
by 11 people.
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Description enjoy the playground of my imagination

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still my favorite

i really hope you write a lot of stories

Thanks :-)

it was fun to try this supermaximal style, might do it again some time
this might be my #1 favorite map of all time


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A cheaty run

but apparently it's not very fast :p
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My complaints are the same as Apse's. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the map.

i liked it

the one-ways felt a little unnecessary and tacked on


Can you rephrase your comment on my last map? Sorry for being dumb right now.


this is amazing

I agree in a general sense. I am a firm believer that small rooms and enemies are mostly just annoying for the player. I think it would be too difficult with another enemy, likewise with any minejumper.

lifdoff made a minejumper recently [] that was very inspiring because it showed a method of enemies that increased difficulty without making the map exceedingly tough. Take out his floorguards and you will see that the difficulty has only a minor change, but the map becomes less enjoyable. That map is a great example of perfect enemies in a minejumper.

thereisaspoon made a map recently that does the opposite. [] Although it is not a minejumper, he has a very tight space with a potent enemy. The gameplay in that area is fantastic, but it takes many tries to understand and complete. It is a nice challenge, but not something I wanted the player to deal with here.

The focus of this map is the adventure and discovery of limitations. I think (and hope) thats how it feels.

Anyways, that's all only mildly important. As long as people enjoyed it then it is a success. It was interesting to analyse where I got my inspiration, even though I didn't explicitly think about it until just now!

this is kinda cool

but had so much potential for more adventurey goodness.

why only mines on the right side of the map? the middle right room definitely needs something else going on in there. i think you intended the minejumper section to be a focal point, but to me it feels much more drab than the exciting 'so close yet so far' gameplay in the drone room.
why the long-winded chimneys on the right edge? it serves no purpose than to extend the minejumper. at least put some gold at the bottom or something.
the one-ways were a cool mechanic, but why you didn't use it elsewhere to spice up the rest of the map i don't know. another instance of it would also serve to provide a little aesthetic balance.

i think i have two main points:
1. i don't believe it good technique to make the player have to traverse long stretches of play without there being any point or reward for it (i.e. gold or a useful switch). the only things stopping me from progressing to the second level of the drone room are three S-oneways to the left of the right hand room. that feels tacky to me. a bit more inventiveness in the gameplay would make the right feel like more than just a means to get to the second level.
2. if there is a need for these long stretches of play, make it at least exciting to move about in. spice up the critical path - i believe the best linear adventure maps give the illusion of choice: they hide the critical path such that it isn't apparent that there is only one way to get to the end/get an agd.

sorry for my rant! i am only saying this because i feel this map has potential to be something very good.


I'll go for AGD later. This is perfect.

You are probably my favourite mapper at the moment - everything you do is amazing.

We should do a collab.
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good job!

this is literally perfect.


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once i saw it, i had to beat it

we need more adventure maps like this. perfection
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