My Bed Makes Me Feel Lethargic

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Author TheOli
Tags author:theoli fun unrated
Created 2015-06-24
Last Modified 2015-06-25
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Description Also, is back. Which I think means that we can use nReality again.

Edit: apparently nReality still doesn't work.

Edit: Sidke explained why nReality doesn't work:
<sidke> nreality doesn't load maps because it pulls from
<sidke> not
<sidke> is still not numa
<sidke> is
<McFooG> what now
<sidke> exactly what i just said
<sidke> maybe read over it again
<sidke> it explains why nreality doesn't load maps
<McFooG> and is still down even though is back up?
<sidke> they are two different domains
<sidke> points to the appspot site
<sidke> he has it set to allow certain domains to mirror the site
<sidke> and probably are both set to allow being numa
<sidke> but does not point to appspot
<sidke> while does
<McFooG> ah
<McFooG> i get it
<McFooG> so since he fixed appsopot but not nReality still doesnt work.
<sidke> appspot was never broken
<McFooG> Is there a way to make nReality pull from appspot?
<sidke> the domain was transferred but never updated
<sidke> then was updated
<sidke> there is a way but i don't have flash anymore
<sidke> so i can't make nreality builds
<McFooG> is flash free?
<sidke> no
<McFooG> got it
<McFooG> Thanks for explaining :)

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Clunky gameplay

which is a shame because the simple layout is actually pretty cool.
But the gold high in the middle is rather annoying than fun to collect. Nice tiles, mines and enemy placing though. 4/5


Would someone do that?


needs to buy the domain

spent all my life thinking that the www. doesn't make a goddamn difference


Can't be bothered to AGD. Cool map though.

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