26-1: En Passant

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry medium one-ways rated series triangles
Created 2015-02-06
Last Modified 2015-02-06
by 8 people.
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Description Enjoy!

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thought the thumbnail looked a bit of a mess but now that I open it I think its great map

Quality work

keep at it, please.
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ska is spot on!

You're a double threat! Playing your maps rings a smile to my face, so I'm glad you're a part of the NUMA community.
Love the one-ways in this.
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Agree with ska.

Also, the climb [] contest went speedrunny! Improve your run on the maps in speedrun mode and climb your way to the top!
Check out the spreadsheet here []

Thanks, ska.

That's an amazing compliment. :)

holy shit

this looks great. but you know this. :D
It's quite rare to be one of the top two or three highscorers at a given time, yet still produce maps of such great quality. tktktk is the only other elite player I can think of to be so gifted in mapmaking as well.

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Very pretty!

fun and well-designed map. 5/5 from me.


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Semi-cautious AGD.

Also I accidentally reported macrohenry's demo. Sorry 'bout that.
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Beatiful tiles.

I like the One-way platforms very much. 5/5
fun map.
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