The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

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Author anco
Tags author:anco featured less minejumper unrated
Created 2014-12-25
Last Modified 2014-12-25
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Description secret path included. sample demo in comments

This map was featured on 2019-05-23

As mines rain down from the heavens on high, it is time to perform the Dance of the Moon and the Sun. Tread carefully, the dance is perilous yet ultimately compelling. And once the caper is complete? Those who feel their act is done would be found mistaken. The Dance of the Moon and the Sun holds one final secret. — lord_day

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had this faved

she's a fucking beauty
Yeah, not sure how I submitted this to /less/ :D

good feature, very memorable map. a poor less entry, but an excellent minejumper.
So have another one.
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Slow completion.

For the standard route.


Secret path

Thought I had a nice run, and then I watched macro's... o.O
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Unfortunately, you can spot the hidden exit switch in the thumbnail. :/ It's hard to use that path though.
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cheated speedrun.

Demo Data

i accidentally

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Sample demo

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