Eden Prison

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Author anco
Tags author:anco minejumper unrated
Created 2014-08-31
Last Modified 2014-08-31
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Have fun with that AGD, hehehe

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Completion. I like this map purely based on how hard it is. It stares at you and doesn't back off until after the very last jump.
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I've been playing a lot of losttortuga recently, and I personallly enjoy his style of tricky jumps.


I messed up a bit in the bottom right but still pretty good all things considered
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very losttortuga-y

frustrating though

Tenth try.

I dunno. This is hard. The thumbnail is gorgeous.
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y'know, I find most of your maps are very pretty but quite often they're just annoying to play because the difficulty feels badly calibrated. This is an extreme example, since I find it virtually impossible to make any headway whatsoever due to how horribly awkward the jumps are. took me five minutes to get the first one, and I was so surprised that I immediately died. NR

fuck you

fuck fuck fuck i just want a completion. but the gold is just mocking me

Looks fantastic.

But the jumps are waaay too awkward to be fun in my opinion.

Completion demo

Obviously not very speedy
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