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Author Fujita_Seiko
Tags author:fujita_seiko medium unrated
Created 2014-12-03
Last Modified 2014-12-03
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Description Slightly edit for Nv1.4

See lots of my maps in Nv2

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fairly back and forth however I enjoyed the idea, bounceblocks were used well and just had a nice chilled vibe about it

too much back and forth
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I meant did an AGD on your other maps
Also posted AGD's on your other maps posted today. I liked the other two more, but this was also ok. Ascension is my favourite of these 3. Nice work.
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I think back and forth here is cool, actually is the main concept of the map besides the bounceblock/switches mechanisms and mined jumps. Although some additional gold challenges independent or not necesarily required or in the path for a completion would be an interesting complement. A thing that shamely is almost unseen in your maps and you tend to a lineal mapping or not differentiating the two game modes, Speedrun or Highscoring, with separate and additional challenges for gold which I consider would be awesome to see more often you do that in your maps.

I dig the tiles...

...but it's kind of annoying that you have to backtrack so often.