Guriddo Insatsu

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Author Fujita_Seiko
Tags action author:fujita_seiko rated
Created 2014-01-28
Last Modified 2014-01-28
by 6 people.
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Description Mate and first published in Nv2.

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Best I can do.
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I actually LOVE this map! big 5aved! loved the mines, gave the map a gritty image


Fantastic! 5aved!
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Solid AGD

Mainly cleaning from here on, ive had fun though. 5aved
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thanks R3D_N1NJ4

thanks R3D_N1NJ4, for compliments and welcoming me :)

I made it in Nv2 (offcourse test it in n1.4 before publishing here) The only difference is the hard noice when open the doors, in Nv2 its just sounds like 1 door.

Good map!

Usually i'm not a fan of C snapped mines like this, but I think they worked well in the theme of the map. Also, welcome to NUMA!
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I thought the map would be bad by how it looked, but it wasn't. It was good :)
Also, I meant my demo was bad because it was slower than what I believe I could do but I'm not patient enough to do it.
And I do speedruns mainly. I usually only agd a map if I really like it

A wait, I found it out, That was kind of a bad deme. You dit not even close agd, or is it a speedrun maybe. Do you do more speedruns out here?

Haha, ok. why did you think it was bad?

And I forgot how to look the demo...

interesting map, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be haha. Here's a sloppy speedrun
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Thank you ZoasBe

Thank you for your welcome and compliments. I don't think I will upload a lot here, lots of my levels don't work other versions than Nv2. I don't use Nreality anymore to, is that recommered?

By the way, I saw this one at Nv2 days ago.
I'll try a good HS attempt later this afternoon under NReality. ;)
I am delighted that in the end you've come to NUMA! Thank you! Receive a warm welcome from me! You are awesome and your ideas are very fresh and innovative. Enjoy your stay here!