Thwump School #2 (Medium)

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags author:amomentlikethis playable thwumpschool unrated v1.4b
Created 2014-04-10
Last Modified 2014-04-10
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Map Data

Description Welcome to Thwump School. This is a series of maps which aims to test your ability to complete maps by performing various tricks with thwumps.

This is the second map in the series. For more, please see []

How to complete this map:
1. Keep performing wall jumps off of the three thwumps which are moving with you.
2. Make sure you don't jump over or under the exit switch.
3. Hold down the left arrow key to ensure you don't jump too far away from the thwumps.

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The concept works well and the map looks pretty, but it's just too easy.

holy shit AMLT

i only just realised you made that elements 256 game! quite a few of my friends showed it to me at first, it's good fun...

but not perfectly accurate haha :P


Tied Meta.
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Nice runs everyone!

I revised.
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seeing Yeti and Unicorn at the same time... :O
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Wasn't too hard, though I feel if a gauss or something was added it would ruin it.
Cool map!
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Slipping, eddy? =P
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Nice idea ;)
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to be honest

I found this one easier than the previous map


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