North, and play with fire.

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Author North_Always_North
Tags action author:north_always_north rated
Created 2014-02-08
Last Modified 2014-02-08
by 12 people.
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Great structure, solid moment-to-moment action, and decent visuals to boot!

Jesus, macro.

You're making us all look bad. :P

umm wtf macro... yeah, I'm not playing this map anymore haha


Awesome mechanisms and everything fits together very well. 5/5
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awesome map!!!

improvable run..
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Messed up the easy part of the agd lol, this definitely took some time haha :D almost got in one swoop though!
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hahaha, well ignore my last comment.. Great map :)
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really cool map and execution. I think that jumping twice at the start should be for gold and not to complete the map, maybe just one switch below the floorguard in stead of two?
Everything else was great, awesome stuff :)
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played nicely.

Slow speedrun

I'm not very good at speedrunning long levels, but still I managed to get episode top 20 speedrun in 7 N-Reality episodes, which is nice. I had lot to learn.
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That gauss is dastardly. Love the floorguard that blocks the exit switch if you go too high -- very sneaky. The thwump area was way cool, but the gauss made the exits and re-entries a bit frustrating at times. Still a very nice map.
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and immaculate in design. who are you?

that gauss is a run-killer. my only real complaint with this map is that the lowermost row of gold is ridiculously hard to get with the time constraint of the thwumps. 5 for design, 5 for the floorguards, 5 for my favorite cardinal direction