Torn Apart

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 collab playable r3d rated
Created 2014-01-13
Last Modified 2014-01-13
by 5 people.
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Description Collab with R3D_N1NJ4!

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The play was meh.

Those tiles are inventive, haven't seen something that new looking in some time. Sorry in advance for imitation.

he¡Y tran!CE!!

I ¡¡¡AS fine bro! And yo!u? Ho¡¡¡ have you b!een???


is p great

yes sir!

definitely up for that. if you send some tiles my way we can get it going right away!


Sub-400 speedrun

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I found a differnet route.
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lovely tiles..

5/5 for them..
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although this map is very pretty, the squares of mines were very lame in my opinion. they were hard to maneuver, and not nearly as attractive as the tiles. for now, i'm just going to take this as a tileset, in which it is quite lovely.

Eh I take it back

2.5 for originality + aesthetics

okay I quit

2.0, sorry guys. Aesthetically, this is beautiful, and I can appreciate the attempt at rather... unique gameplay. But just because it's unique doesn't make it fun. This is frustrating above all else. You took a chance on gameplay and it didn't pay off this time.

Also, this seemed almost entirely like a trance map.

And no, those two lines together are not meant as an insult. :P
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okay seriously

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Agreed with frets.

And two of my favorite active mappers collabed? I'll have to play this once I'm done with work.


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