The Hydraulic Face Lift

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Author romaniac
Tags action author:romaniac contesque rated
Created 2013-01-18
Last Modified 2013-01-18
by 6 people.
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Description Contesque. I made it on holiday, and then edited it a bit to fit the contesque.

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contest ended. M&R dont need anymore maps. ska cut off the consideration line at macrohenry's post. This all userlevels thing seems rigged somehow, i dont like it XD

Cool map, anyway.

Sub-1100 AGD

Dunno if optimal route. Fun map :D
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Demo Data


Demo Data

SR attempt

floorguard y u no chasin :C
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...terrible AGD...

...But the map is not terrible its actually a good time. There is a lot of flow if you do it right(which i did not)...