Crimson Path

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Author 1211
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Created 2012-05-07
Last Modified 2012-09-24
by 35 people.
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Description I'm starting to get back into the swing of this! Here is a DDA collab with romaniac. It was started back in October, but progress on it declined and thus has been sitting in my Pastebin profile all this time. This is a 3-way KRA (hold-left, hold-right, and hold-nothing) that is 3000 consecutive frames long. Each path is exactly 1000 frames. Please refrain from complaining about this staying up for a while. I don't want another predicament like on my previous DDA. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2012-06-30

They say that every mathematical theorem requires a practical test to be proven true. Our little Ninja is set to perform three dances in this amazing dda. A show that will leave everyone gaping in wonder. And what's more, each dance is scheduled to last precisely 1000 frames. At first I was doubtful, but it's true! I can only wonder, how the hell have they done this?
But I don't want an answer, this isn't mathematics. This is magic. — zoasBE

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grats bro! voted for it.
The only thing that would be cooler is if somehow you could make a 6-way one... ;)

5/5 times 3




I didn't even realize this was three different routes and was amazing by just the one. For that, this deserves 15 ninjas. Very well done!

lol turtles i hope your being sarcastic. left is best imo. :D


agd is ridiculously hard. I don't see why such a difficult map to complete, especially one so cluttered, is featured, but it's fine. It's not terrible, and it certainly feels good once you complete it, but man is it nasty.
Demo Data

Holy shit!

Thank you so much, zoasBE!
lsudny is a witch! sink him in a lake with an anvil!

Your mom says hi! Jinx!

Oh, look,

a feature!

oh look

my words came truth.


With help from RandomDigits for proofreading and corrections.
if you'd prefer a action map as Featured. But I think you're a monster creating DDAS and deserve this kind of recognition.

Hi. <3

Holy shit.

That is all.

Holy holy of Holys

This is amazing. Not only is it a DDA, it is a hold-left DDA as well...whaaat! :D
5/5 and saved


like, I can't begin to conceive how one might do it.

Hold left was awesome.
Each path was solid. This is probably THE sickest DDA I've ever seen. 'Grats to you both!
Awesome jump at the end of mine :3
Demo Data


Lol realtime speedrun.
Demo Data

This looked

Cool in debug :P
Demo Data
In the hot page

I love holding left

I found the part when you chase the rocket up ironically amusing.
but definately deserves a 5
also slow non fbf speedrun
Demo Data

hold right is the best one imo

the top left bounce block bit blew my mindd


From the tag "3-way" I expected something completely different. :(

no problem man! ;)

I have no words about this.

<Rose> Well, first of all, I'm terrible at accurately critiquing DDAs. But to make three of them in one map, to make all of them KRA, to make them all exactly 1,000 frames, and to make them all good? Goddamn.
<Rose> My favorite is hold left, for the record.

This is brilliant.

It's really amazing that all three paths work together and that they are all exactly 1000 frames! I had a bit of trouble with the hold-left but otherwise great! 5/5.