A Parliament of Owls

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Author comments_on_wrong_maps
Tags author:comments_on_wrong_maps minejumper nreality unrated
Created 2011-11-03
Last Modified 2011-11-03
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Description there may be some fixes necessary, which'll happen in the morning

edit: okay I'm going try to fix up this tileset a bit. by the way, does this mean I get to have my review up there for 24 hours?

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Well, a review is only supposed to be up for a day - so 36 hours is still too long...

But yeah, no worries.
As far as I am aware, the site still is breaking every so often...


I meant to say that it was a good poem,but I guess I didn't. Sorry!

I read over the review and edited it to facilitate my writing skills more fully

Here is a review mate


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