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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading clues mysterious rated sketchy
Created 2011-09-22
Last Modified 2011-09-22
by 12 people.
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Description loved playing this map. i no its not perfect but a map is a map. The difference between a good map and a great map can be 1 small difference which turns out to be significant. And i dont no wat it is...

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They are great.

I'll send it to darkcrusader when I'm done.

I was thnking

the next person could edit the tiles some more
then so on and so on until we're all content with them. But, would you rather me finish them?

basic tiles: The next person can make edits accordingly. :)

Hey man

I'm sorry, I've been super busy. But yes, I've been working on them :)


Just kidding. Yes, but I don't map as frequently.

Go ahead.

Yes, I do.

It's a secret though.


I'm out of inspiration these days.
Have you got any tileset? You'd send tiles, i'd put the objects, and it'd become a collab.
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Grand map mate, I released another. Feel free to play. As for this amazing in all the right ways.

(sorry last comment!) wow I'm not very bright.
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and by the way, definitely played much better than what I had expected from the thumbnail. 4/5
AGD, changed up the route a bit. If only I had thought a bit more about that last drone .. oh well I'm sure a highscorer could easily beat it.
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gah... so close to sub-2000.
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Sexy corner jump:
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First try AGD
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Favourited for later.