How are you? Because I am a potato.

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Author Why_Me
Tags author:why_me playable puzzle rated
Created 2011-09-06
Last Modified 2011-09-06
by 5 people.
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Description Not very puzzly (you just need to know what order to do things in) but I found it fun. Also, there are no enemies (and thanks to slayr, RandomDigits, and Nudel_ for input).

Demo included, but at least try to beat it first before you watch the demo.

Play hard.

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Very well done!

I can't play it, but because of the demos, i see, how you can get fun with playing the map. It's a awesome puzzle and it has a awesome concept. The aesthetics are sexy. *_*


Fuck yes

Portal 2 reference. Yes.


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In case it's needed (it probably will be).
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