Mechanising the Landscape

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Author Why_Me
Tags author:why_me playable race unrated
Created 2011-09-02
Last Modified 2011-09-02
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Map Data

Description Thanks to Destiny (Korvash) for help with playtesting and making the path easier to determine and to 1211 (trance) for help with playtesting and helping with the smooth-ness and flow of the race.

I haven't made a race map in forever and none of my previous ones were very good, so I tried a different style. I think it turned out quite well. It will probably take a couple tries, but I've included a demo in case you can't find the path (hopefully you'll be able to, though).

Play hard.

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Demo Data

I like this race, it hasnt got an obvious path (which i also like) and it doesnt seem a race if you dont look at it carefully, however, it has got a speed-limit, which is the only thing i dont like about races, if you go a bit faster than your demo here the chaingun will kill you at the end, since you get there before he gets over the trapdoor.
Overall i like it, well done ;)

And here

is the demo, in case you require it.
Demo Data