Lost File 20

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Author maxson924
Tags a-reclusive-widow-living-next-to-her-husbands-grave-near-a-popular-paragliding-hotspot action author:maxson924 lostfile rated
Created 2011-07-21
Last Modified 2011-07-21
by 5 people.
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Description Full Title: A Reclusive Widow Living Next to Her Husband's Grave Near a Popular Paragliding Hotspot

Gah, I'm running out of these lost files; there are only 31 total. Soon enough I'm going to have to actually start making maps again. *shudder*

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Then again, pretty much everyone has blatantly stolen it.

Thanks for all the comments and rates, guys. :3


isn`t a firetamer2 tree
this tree does not belong to firetamer 2, if you dive a bit NUMA find his story, there is much about this tree...

10 frames faster could be WAY better
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I like the Santa Claus effect this map doesn't have, but I love how it looks, and I feel the Santa CLaus in it... probably the weirdest criticism you'll hear, but that's what I see... lol 4.5^
It's supposed to be like this?
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i loved this map

it's fun, it's relaxed, and it's challenging not in the blow up over and over until you get it kind of way but in a slower and more calculated way


AGD love it
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