Lost File 16: A Seismic Tremor Ate My Homework

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Author maxson924
Tags a-seismic-tremor-ate-my-homework action author:maxson924 lostfile unrated
Created 2011-04-03
Last Modified 2011-04-03
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Description It's true you have to believe me.

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It's nothing new or amazing; it's just a short map with spot-on execution. Everything just works together so nicely - the enemies, the gold, the tileset, the mechanics, and the general feel. It may be a relatively simple map, but it just strikes me as really well done. Personally, I love it. 5aved

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are you down for a collab? :)

our collab???

more than two weeks ago you said you were working on improving the tile, you got the map?
also, i'm in the irc
did you like my slovakian tennis player by the way? ;D

Death demo.

This is fun
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Rather easy

but quite fun none the less. Good timing with the drones aswell. 3/5
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