Monk Mosque

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Author red_wood
Tags action author:red_wood jumper rated
Created 2011-07-16
Last Modified 2011-07-17
by 7 people.
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Description So I'm really stoked about this map...I think its pretty cool

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Fun map

Though the jumppads *are* kind of pointless. For the middle one, it's slower to use the jumppad, and for the left one, it's actually more difficult to use the jumppad. But this is easily overlooked as it hardly affects the otherwise solid gameplay. And, of course, the visuals are snazzy. Strong 4/5

Demo Data

Badass tileset

and the gold makes it even better.
The bottom could be cleaned up a bit I guess, but the launchpads give a nice alternative to climb the spires by the chaingun.


Pretty fun to highscore. Some of the mine placement is a little objectionable (I'm looking at you, mine opposite doors in bottom right), but on the whole they're well placed to provide a good challenge. The gold theming is pretty, and looks good in the thumbnail, and the chaingun is a good enemy.

I don't know why everyone's raving about the tileset; not that it's not pretty, but I've seen loads of maps in this style before (in fact, one was featured as I recall to muted response), and it's hardly groundbreaking. The bottom section feels tacked on and unnecessary; I would have much preferred a continuation of the theme established above.

All in all, not bad, but not brilliant.
Demo Data

Demo Data

Thing is, it never even occurred to me to use the pads to get up top.

I edited

changed some switch locations, unfortuantely it breaks ur demo :(

I love you man

lol no homo

I just like the shape, color and the looks of it.. It brings up this huge feel of power.. I AM NOT A NEO-NAZIST
I liked the "rough bottom of the map, i put some imperfecton in the middle of the towers to try and create a blend, perfection at the top, imperfection at the bottom. the bouncepads are there to catapault you up teh towers

Dem tiles.

Demo Data

Love the tiles

Tileset of the year nomination, fo sho. Agreed with flag (what a surprise!) about the bottom. It doesn't match the neatness of the top.

Really classic atmosphere that's somewhat spoiled by all those unnecessary launch pads etc. Could do with a slight rehaul that junked the pads and one-ways.

Actually, I messed around with this and the thing that's really bothering me is just the normal doors, because they're horizontal and everything else is vertical.

I made this which I think is a bit neater, but it lacks incentive to go down into the bottom, maybe some gold or different switches. I dunno.
and the gold placement.