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Author trala
Tags author:trala door door-eerie eerie featured rated
Created 2011-03-21
Last Modified 2011-03-26
by 10 people.
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Description my newest lvl.. not the newest upload, ut the newest lvl I eddited ;)

I realy like door-eries^^

This map was featured on 2016-11-04

call me stuck under a rock but i've seen maybe three door eeries ever cover the whole map and have pretty tiles to boot. this genre is kinda dead nowadays but when i played this several years ago it instantly made me want it to be alive and well again. here's to the old days when trap door spam was cool, it is in this map. — mahi_mahi

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what the hell is this

what a throwback
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I can't say that I ever understood the appeal of these so-called door eeries.


I appreciate the effort that went into making this but the 6 1/2 hours it took to beat it didn't do much to alter my opinion on "door eeries"
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I'm glad this map was featured.
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crazy map, interesting feature - nice choice

I also enjoy a good eerie here and there, but I understand fully why they are unpopular. They're rarely interesting and often overdone. This one has cool bits, like the center bulb and the top left, but still takes far too long to be completely immersive.

Not bashing the map or the feature since I enjoyed both.
The last part was interesting. I love this. 5/5
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thx mahi

jeah, 5/5 :D don't get that every day xD


I'll upload a few other door-eries soon ;) hope you like them too^^
OMG It's REALLY large... But very good ;) 4

Yep, that's a full-size door-eerie alright. No vote.
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I'm new too

I thought i was good till i joined numa. turns out i'm below average. i haven't submitted many as they're not that good, but here's one you might like:
The last bit was way cool, and I like the repeating section near the top right. But this map is really lacking attention to details, such as lining up the trap doors so they flow in a straight line. The tiles were horrendous, and at points they inhibited smooth gameplay too. Could use a lot of work in those areas imo.
Admittedly, it is the guy's first time submitting maps, so yeah it's best for him to check up on the rules, but for the same reason it seems reasonable for him to keep his extra map in this instance. A bit late now though, I guess... welcome to Numa, man.



only 3 maps listed

okey now ;)


all this work for nothing.. T.T

okey, i will delist some..
Nevertheless, you should delist the map surplus.
it's just the first time I'm oploading some lvls.. how should I know there may not be more than 2 a day :@

Fuck that..